Records has been operating and collecting data since 2006. Here are a few records we have noted since then.

Temperature / Humidity
Highest Temperature 101.3 °F 07-Jun-2011 3:00pm
Lowest Temperature -22.9 °F 06-Jan-2014 4:39am
Lowest Wind Chill -42.7 °F 06-Jan-2014 5:52am
Highest Minimum 90.0 °F 06-Jul-2017 12:00am
Lowest Maximum -3.8 °F 17-Jan-2016 3:17pm
Highest Rain Rate 12.52 in/hr 26-Jul-2017 4:11am
Highest Hourly Rainfall 2.27 in 16-Aug-2016 5:55pm
Highest Daily Rainfall 2.73 in 13-Jul-2013
Highest Monthly Rainfall 7.35 in 2016
Highest Wind Gust 46.0 mph 26-Dec-2011 10:56am
Highest Wind Speed Average 28.3 mph 01-Apr-2015 4:33pm
Lowest Barometer 28.640 inHg 26-Oct-2010 7:53am
Highest Barometer 30.989 inHg 07-Jan-2015 10:28am